Restaurant à Courchevel
The lemon pie

The reputation is not to make the famous lemon pie of Pilatus!

Restaurant à Courchevel
Gourmet pleasure

Our pastry chef Guy Lamure will awaken your taste buds with his pastry buffet.

Restaurant le Pilatus à Courchevel
Foie Gras

Foie gras, chef’s specialty

restaurant à courchevel
Fresh fruit cup

The picking of red fruits in the heart of the three valleys. Spend the summer in the mountains.

Plat - Restaurant Le Pilatus à Courchevel
Tataki of tuna

The signature of Chef Julien!

Restaurant Le Pilatus à Courchevel - Burger

The specialty of the chef, the restaurant burger Pilatus based raclette.

Restaurant à Courchevel
Tartlets with red berries

Come taste the red fruit tartlets of our mountains.

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